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February 17, 2010
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2... ROUNDUP RECORD-TRIBUNE Roundup, MT, February. 17. 2010 III i, I i ,,,, IP .................. = Roundu CO & Winnett %eather llislor Founded April 3, 19(18 by A.W. Elseleln Box 350 - Roundup, MT 59072 . PH (406) 323-II05 The Official Newspaper of Musselshell & Petroleum Counties A Musselshell and Petroleum County Newspaper, entered as Second Class Matter at Roundup, Montana, U.S. Post Office. Published Weekly on Wednesday at Roundup, Montana Send address changes to Roundup Record-Tribune & Winnett Times, P.O. Box 350, Roundup, Montana 59072 Subscription Rates: $30.O0/year Roundup and Trade Area; $33.00/year eathcr "l rivia E-maih MEMBER lTd.,NATIONAL NEWSPAPER ASSOCIATION ERIC N. RASMUSSEN ...... Publisher/Editor MARY ELLEN RASMUSSEN ....... Circulation ELIZABETH GRAY ............ Bookkeeping Wednesday Snow Possible High: 38 Low: 13 Thursday Mostly Cloudy High: 28 Low: 12 Friday Mostly Cloudy High: 29 Low: II Saturday Mostly Cloudy =gh: 26 Low: 12 Sunday Mostly Cloudy [gh: 32 Low: 15 uj= Low ormals Er.cj 2/8 18 -4 41/16 0.00" Precipitation for the week ................... 0.02" 2/9 18 -6 41/16  000" Normalprecipitation for the week ...... 0.07" Departure from normal for the week .-0.05" 2/10 34 14 42/16 0.00 n 2/11 37 26 42/17 0.00" Precipitation for the year ..................... 1.28" Normal precipitation year to date ....... 0.57" 2/12 42 31 42/17 0.00" Departure from normal for the year .+0.71" 2/13 39 7 42/17 0.02" * Precipitation Includes snow converted to rainfall 2/14 16 -1 43/17 0.00" 2/21 3/7 Full 2/28 1  Sunset   Wed 7:14 am. 5:43 p.m. 8:12 a.m. 9:51 p.m. Thu 7'12a.m. 5".45p.m, 8:32a.m. 10:59p.m. Fri 7:11 a.m. 5:46 p.m. 8:55 a.m. Next Day Sat 7:09 a.m. 5"47 p.m. 9:24 a.m. 12:08 a.m. Sun 7:07a.m. 5"49p.m. 10:01 a.m. 1:18 a.m. Mon 7:05 a.m. 5:50 p.m. 10:49 a.m, 2:26 a.m. Tue 7:04 a.m. 5:52 H:48 a.m. 3:28 a.m. New 3/15 Feb. 17. 1990 - The biggest winter storm of the  hit Ihe Padfl Coast Region. In northern California, snow fel along the coast, and two day toads in tbe mountaim ranged up to 67 inche at Echo Summit. Snowfall totals in the moun- taim of so.them Ca.fornia ranged up to 48 inches at Green Vaky, with 46 inches reported at Big Bear. What is the blinding ' [ effect of a blizzard called? Answer: White out. 2010. ,, Inc. www.accd$$weathecom elsewhere in Monlana; $36.00/year out-of-state; and $41.00/year Foreign. PHYLLIS ADOLPH ....... Reporter/Features ...... ERICN. RASMUSSEN ........... Advertising I i i i i i i i , H ill! ill i i i i l lll i i i ISSN No, 0890,,9660 Founded Apri13.1908 by A.W. Eiselein Neighbor Helping Neighbor Your Homet ty  that City Counsel hearing. I was " Musselshell Coun =,,H,,,.o one. Noneofuspresentedasin-  o n Bank" w j lill;lblt,l  I qlJ gleidea. ustice Court report.., we did learn that a city such ' -- _ Member F.D.!.. ' .,. 410 Main. ROUNDUP, MT- Ph 323-1100 The following cases were of court, $200 fine; Katie Gwen The Editor may apply for as much as $450,000 for public fa- the mountains barely extended burns, how will this tax cancel existing municipal water system, ment of Commerce requirements, heard in the Musselshell County Justice Court during the month of January: Morris Herbert Sternberg, speeding, $20 fine; Michael William McNamel, speeding, $40 fine; Wade McKinley Price, speeding, $40 fine; Lawrence Neal Saksa, failure to carry proof of insurance $135 fine; Jesse Ray Kindness, speeding $20 fine; An- ton Leo Mum speeding, $20 fine; Anthony J. Matt, driving while license suspended and contempt City Court Report... Harvey, speeding, $40 fine; Jason Lee Plouffe, speeding, $40 fine. Carol Sudan Lane, speeding, $40 fine; James C. Nunberg, fish and game violation, $135 fine; Curtis Mark Hershberger, speed- ing, $40 fine; Marvin Thomas Dickson, failure to carry proof of insurance, $285 fine and jail time, seatbelt violation, $20 fine and DUI, $885 fine and jail time; Lynette Walstad Nelson, speed- ing, $85 fine; Ross Daniel Love, speeding, $20 fine; Casey John King, speeding, $20 fine. Gregory Scott McDowell, speeding, $20 fine; Robert Brett Stocking, speeding, $20 fine; Harold Francis Herring, speeding, $20 fine; Kevin R. Perkins, speed- ing, $20 fine; Alan Eugene Hou- gen, speeding, $40 fine; David Carroll Peterson, speeding $40 fine; Israel L. Ayala, speeding, $70 fine; John Henry Smith, speeding, $65 fi he; Tiffany Melinda Oedek- oven, speeding, $65 fine; Charles William Carson, speeding, $40; Walter Carl Backer, speeding, $40 fine; Jason Michael Stephens, speeding, $20 fine. Adam Daniel Pearson, speed- ing $65 fine; Wilford Kent Bell, speeding, $65 fine; David Alan Yingling, speeding, $20 fine; John Lawrence White, speeding, $20 fine; Mitchell Thomas Young, FRIENDS: The Roundup City Counsel is seeking ideas from local citi- zens for ways to spend federal money and benefit our commu- nity. On January 19 the Counsel held a hearing about the Com- munity Development Block Grant (CDBG) program with its emphasis on helping low to mod- erate income people overcome poverty, through grants in five categories: housing and neigh- borhood renewal, public infra- structure, planning, economic de- velopment and a category called "neighborhood stabilization". Ten citizens were present at Stanton, speeding, $65 fine; Jeba- diah James Cole, failure to carry proof of insurance, $285 fine and driving while license suspended, $285 fine and jail time; Douglas Fredrick Moore, speeding, $20 fine; Timothy Scott Brower, fail- ure to carry proof of insurance, $285 fine. Andrew Edward Robertson, speeding, $40 fine; Makyla Irene Archuleta, speeding, $40 fine; William C. Tuon, speeding, $40 fine; Kenneth Steven Brunelle, reckless driving, $185 fine, failure speeding, $40 fine; Stacy M.tlc-t . " - "-'1;235 Coy, speeding, $40 fine; Vl!rie /fie'ffnd'fate tO*notowner Ann Brisho, speeding, $40 fine; of daroage to property, $285 fine; Alec Paul Sternberg, speeding $40 fine; Thomas Christiana Norgaard, driving while license expired, $85 fine, operating with- out liability insurance, $285 fine, and DUI, $685 fine. Alexander Jerome Wendland, careless driving, $85 fine; David Alan Perdue, careless driving, $85 fine; Randy Lee Christofferson, speeding, $20 fine; Brian Scott Cockerham, operating with ex- pired registration, $35 fine; Monty A. Kemph, speeding, $40 fine; Jacob Eby Klaus, speeding $20 fine; Bert Allen Damm, speeding, $85 fine; Brice Edward Check- etts, speeding, $40 fine; Amy D. Gartside, speeding, $20 fine; Lynn Lywellan Blatter, speeding, $55 fine; Danette Miller Borgen, speeding, $55 fine; Christina M. Vos, speeding $40 fine. Lauralea H. Caufield, speed: ing, $40 fine; Larry Gene Mar- tinson, speeding, $40 fine; Cas- sandra Dale Enerson, speeding, $40 fine; Danette Miller Borgen, speeding, $65 fine; Lenthel D. Ross William Ceynar, speeding, $40 fine; James Casey Todoroff, speeding, $20 fine; Jena Seaholm Kozub, speeding, $55 fine. Joseph Cody Love, speeding $20 fine; David Apelar Teeters, speeding, $40 fine; James R. Johnke, speeding, $35 fine; De- nise Sharp Butcher, operating vehicle without permit displayed, $65 fine; Patrick William Turley, operating with expired registra- tion, $85 fine; James Richard Gates, driving while license sus- pended, $285 fine and jail time; Phillip Duane Hofer, seatbelt violation, $20; Joshua David Smith, speeding, $40 fine; Ricky L. Stops, DUI, $685 fine; seatbelt violation, $20 fine, operating with expired registration, $85 fine and failure to carry proof of insurance, $285 fine; Woodrow James Shirley 3, speeding $40 fine; Michael William Scalise, seatbelt violation, $20 fine; Darin Ray Stremler, speeding, $40 fine; Gregory Zimmerman, speeding, $40 fine. cility projects and an additional $450,000 for housing projects. We learned CDBG is funded by the federal government, and administered by the state. Over 28 years CDBG has awarded more than 120 million dollars to Montana towns with populations less than 50,000 and with 51% of their residents' income at "low to moderate" levels. This is an av- erage of $4,285,714.29 per year, flowing to Montana towns. CDBG grants provide Round- up citizens an annual opportunity to obtain funds for projects that could raise the spirit of our town. The lack of ideas from citizens at the January 19 hearing, in my opinion, was due to our unfamil- iarity with the process. The City Counsel failed to educate the public prior to, or even during, the hearing. People can get educated, how- ever. People can assess the natu- ral and social advantages of our small rural town and envision CDBG projects that promote re- sponsible economic change. Yes, many of us would agree that an investment in "water rehabili- tation" is needed, but does our thirst for clean water outweigh all else, especially our crucial need for sound businesses and revitalized neighborhoods? =Please, let us inform ourselves and breathe some energy into the City Counsel's deliberations. A good place to start is at the next public hearing on this issue. The next public hearing is set for Tuesday March 2nd at the city office (date may change). Any person not able to attend the pub- lic hearing may submit in writ- ing idea(s) to the Roundup City Counsel. Troy Evans Dear Editor, Blip-blip move your lip. I find the idea that global warming i s caused entirely by our burning of fossil fuels to be an idea without merit. You must realize our weather is subject to change on a short- term basis--sometimes on a daily basis or even perhaps on weekly basis--sometimes warm and sometimes cooler. Climate, like weather, is also subject to change, but in a much longer time frame. About 17,000 years ago it was thought the largest single ice sheet south of Canada covered The following cases were heard at the Roundup City Court during the month of January: Domenic James Simondi, dis- orderly conduct, $185 fine; Sherry Lynn Dodd, failure to carry proof of insurance, $135 fine; Wade James Granbois, criminal posses- sion of dangerous drugs, $335 fine and jail time and criminal posses- sion of drug paraphernalia, $335 fine and jail time; Karla Zaida Freasier, MIP, $385 fine; Jacob William Gantner, disorderly con- duct, $185 fine and jail time. Kaitty Jo Finch, MIP, $385 fine; Jessica L. Ayers, disorderly conduct, $185 fine; Sheila Marie Riggs, operating vehicle without interlock, driving while license suspended and DUI (fourth of- fence), all three cases transferred to another court; Fred Peter Hoff- man, stop sign violation, $85 fine; Fallon Elizabeh Brown, speeding, $65 fine; Christopher Joseph Holmes, failure to yield when entering highway, $85 fine and operating without liability insur- ance in effect, $285 fine. Ronald George Ruse, speed- ing, $55 fine; Glenda K. Bern- hardt, DUI, $685 fine; Dorothy Redel McCleary, failure to yield to vehicle on right, $85 fine; Ann Butenhoff Tuss, speeding, $55 fine; Rebica Bryant, parking violation, $15 fine; Cody James Kinn, failure to yield to vehicle on right, $85 fine and seatbelt violation, $20 fine; Jonathan Lee Pitts, criminal mischief, deferred prosecution; Christopher Joseph Holmes, careless driving, $85 fine; Alberto F. Sanchez, DUI, $685 fine; Amanda Lynn Rich- ards, disorderly conduct, $185 fine and assault, $335 fine. HIN1 VACCINES Are Available In The Clinic Recipients must be over the age of 6-months There is NO charge for the vaccine IMPORTANT NOTICE Parents: If you have a child 6-months to 9-years of age who received the first dose of the H1N1 vaccine, a second dose should be given to the child one-month later. l:eb. 23rd- l:ecdcr Special and All Class Cattle Salt' See the current market report at U'Vv.leuistIlunliveshlck.coI ROUNDUP MEMORIAL HEALTHcARE -CLINIC 1207 Second Street West, Roundup, MT 59072 Phone: (406) 323-3337 Fax: (406) 323-3002 above this ice mass. But some 4,000 years later most of the ice was melted and plants were be- ginning to grow where only ice had existed before. Today nlost of the entire region is covered by vegetation. Climate like the weather is also subject to being sometimes wann- er and then sometimes cooler. I refer to these little warmer and these little cooler episodes as blips in which climate shows weather like symptoms of warming and cooling. Scientists are not in complete agreement as to what causes these climatic changes to come about. However, when push comes to shove--I don't believe every scientist would agree all global warming from 17,000 years ago to present day was caused by man burning fossil fuels. Oh, golly gee, I'm so stupid. I can't figure out the greatest blip of all. If our government collects a tax on fossil fuels after the fuel global warming? I really need help to understand especially when global warming is caused mostly by natural factors other than burning fossil fuels. Kim Baker : We Want Your Opinion Enclosed is a survey which pro- vides you with an opportunity to anonymously tell the City Council what you think is important for the community. Please take the time to fill out the survey and return it in the stamped enveloped to our consultant in Billings. There are numerous benefits to completing the survey, First, it ie City Council mem- bers and City peTsonnel know what EVERYONE in the com- munity is tMnking. Secondly, this information can be used to help loritiz wojects in capital imprvernents planning and to update omr rowth policy. Lastly, tl City is i, the process of asscssirJg needs for the 'Medicare SUpplemeni ...... Insurance... The State Farm Way/ flexible L .... . affordable backed by good neighbor service Call State Farm Agent: Bill Edwards 706 Main, Roundup, MT 406/323-1860 Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. STATE FARM INSURANCE State Farm Mutual Automobile Inuranee Company Home Office: Bloomington. Illinois. Call for details on coverage, costs, ra#itions and rawabilit 7, IFYOU MISS APRIL 15TH, YOUR RETIREMENT MAY N EVER BE TH E SAM E, Joe Eckhardt Financial Advisor 505 West Main - Suite 101 Lewistown, MT 59457 406-538-8747 Toll Free: 1-800-388-4905 Member SIPC The estimated cost to replace aged and deteriorate pipes throughout the community is very high but can be offset by sizeable grants available to communities such as Roundup to help keep user rates fair. With a very good survey response, we can demonstrate excellent public participation and support, which is vital for success- ful grant applications. The surveys are randomly num- bered, per the Montana Depart- i i ult  I I II but all names will be maintained by the City's consultant and kept confidential. Tabulations will also be made by our consultant, and the original surveys will never be available to City personnel. Please help the community and yourself by completing and returning the survey, Sincerely, William Edwards, Mayor City of Roundup I II II I Sweetheart of a Deal Loan Special Waive the pre-paid finance fee, Feb. 16- 19,2010 Certificate Special 2 ! month term 2.02 apy** Feb. 17, 2010 2t6 8th Ave. East Roundup, MT 59072 .....  ' ........... 406'-323:2442 "valleef : ....... Ba on approved credit. Excludes ftXdd rate first mortgage loans. **$500 minimum -,investmer Rate :is 2.00%.Additional restrictions may apply. Member NCUA. !!'! ! !! Hi Folks, Another strong sale here at the auction on this second sale of February. We saw just under 500 head of cattle this week, including 60 head of bred cows. The bred sale sparked interest, even with the limited offering, and we topped those middle-age solid mouth cows at $8.35. A few bred heifers crossed the auc- tion block, most-of them "lighter," weighing under 10(X)#, and they sold in the $770-810 range, while the short term bred cows landed between $525-625. There was quite a bit of buyer in- terest in the feeder cattle this week, and we called that market steady with last week's trade. The grass cattle continue to sell strong, and depending on the weight, those steers will bring from $105 to $125 cwt, with those 400-650# hfrs bringing from $97- $113 cwt. The cows ad bulls are holding firm, and that trend should continue. Next Tuesday's auction will be an all class cattle sale starting at 11 AM, and or the 23rd of Feb, we'll end the month with another "Peeder Special"...give us a call any- time, and thanks for bringing your business/, right here to Lewistown Livestock .... Clayton Kaiser, Geyser: 430# sc 126.00 Clayton Kaiser, Geyser: 543# sc 116.25 MitchJohnson Fairfield: 553# sc 115.50 Brett Tuss, Lewistown: 595# sc 108.50 Mitch Johnson, Fairfield: 607# sc 107.25 Leon Carpenter, Denton: 721# sc 99.00 David Phillips, Hilger: 795# str 93.00 John Drivdahl, Denton: 1050# str 69.50 Veto Allen, Denton: 390# hc 113.50 Steve Hall, Lewistown: 455# hc 108.50 Jack Carter, Denton: 574# hc 106.00 Jack Carter, Denton: 500# hc 105.00 Fred Gillett, Lewistown: 596# hc 101.50 Tee Bar Lazy 5, Geraldine: 655# hc 96.50 Leon Carpenter, Denton: 730# hc 90.00 Hughes Newford, Stanford: 1013# yc77.00 Degncr Ranch, G Range: 1130# c 58.25 Knerr Ranch, Roy: 1055# c 5%00 Greg Grove, Moccasin: 1405# c 56.50 Terry Wichman, Moore: 1370# c 55.25 Mickael Teig, HarM: 1325# c 54.00 Brett Vaskey, Geyser: 2000# b 63.50 Emil Anderson, Monarch: 1575# b 62.00 Yern Allen, Denton: 473# sc 119.50 Malsam Ranch, Chinook: 485# sc 117.00 Tee Bar Lazy 5, Geraldine: 587# sc 111.00 Leon Carpenter, Denton: 622# sc 108.00 Oscar TmnL Fort Benton: 645# sc 105.00 Surprise Ck Col, Stnd: 563# hol/sc 58.00 Gateway Simm., Lwstn: 858# str 84.50 Don Parsons, Lwsm: 1265# str 60.00 Kelly Danzer, Denton: 345#  109.50 Tom Butler, Hilum: 510# he 106.50 Vic Thompson, : 532# hc 104.00 Clayton Kaiser, Geyser: 539# he 104.00 Brett Tuss, Lwstn: 600#  101.50 Jack Carter, Denton: 658# I 95.00 Steve Hall, Lewistown: 9354/yc 74.00 Claude Bronco, Denton: 1120# yc 74.00 Claude Bronec, Denton: 1220# yc 68.00 Dean Holmes, Harlo: 1190# c 56.50 CK Ranch, Roy: 1270# c 55.50 Marty Klinker, Fairfield: 1498# c 54.75 Gateway Simm., Lwstn: 997# yb 79.25 Randy Miller, Grass Range: 203(# b 63.50 Keith Tesarek, Coff. Creek: 1910# b 61.25 Lewistown Livestock is now your agent for NORTHERN LIVESTOCK VIDEO AUCTION! Call Lyle today to discuss marketing your Montana- raised cattle on Montana's own video auction! Fairgrounds Road - Lcwistown, MT Auction Toll Free Lyle Allen 538-3471 1-866-538-9413 538-4440