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April 16, 1970
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An Independent Newspaper Devoted to the Interests of Roundup, Musselshell County and Montana THE ROUNDUP RECORD-T:00IBUNE Drive CarefuHy!H RODEO CENTER OF MONTANA College Rodeo May 9-10 Arnatuer Rodeo July 4-5 Year No. 3 STATE CHORUS AND RAND Perform in All State Chorus and Band May 1st 2nd. Pictured are chorus designates Jan Allen and El:con Jellar. Students chosen for band wre David Atwood. Ron Reaves, Ron Lind, and Linda Rice. Musselshell River should run bankfull TheApril Water Svpply Out-- for the Musselshell River is extremely bright accord- to the local Soil Conservation office. Snowfall dring was heavy with the low snow conrses showing to 4 inch increase. Higher courses tdmwed a 6 to 10 with mountain snow pack at record level ! inch increase. The presezt snow Jdoes&apos;t represemt a flood hazard pack is maximum of record for [ though streams should run bank- thi da4 with storm record going tll. Any period of pro!ongec rain back to 1934. tly the snow pack is 64% grealr than last year and 146% of verage. HERE 22 Red Cross Bloodmobile will here Apri 22, St. Benedicts Perish Hall, from 3-6 p.m. The quota is 60 pi.ts and i.s needed rgently because of recent eanceltat/ons in other towns. Deer range field trip now April, 26 to Tony Wascoat, Informa, tien o4fieer, for Fish and Game Depart- th deer range field trip for April 19 has been until April 26. He said recent rains and snows have the roads nearly impass- ton April 26 the trip Will begin 9:30 a.m., at the Y>uth Center Hm'lowton ,oBowing a brief and those attending depart fee the South Little Mountains. said, :that the public invi, td to participate and that attend.tug :should bring Coffee wi be furnished the Departent. HOSPITAL NEWS Patients admitted to Roundup HQspial were: Waiter Leo Sedl.acen, Normart Pal Baxter, John Jol Gray, Corvallis Paenbs dismissed from Round. Memoria Hospital were: Jose. Hilderman. J. B. Ha'bur, Daly, Rebecca Dupre% Hou ga,rdy, Marcia Mc- Ludvig Sotberg, Norman sh, Steve Bianchi. Haroht Willa B,ucns. Memorial Hospital Home wish to thank Grebe for magazines and Roald Belcher fo ad the family of Ida Mackey for donation of a Church servmes were in the Round,up Memorial Home on Sunday, ApriJ at p.m. Wednetday a Year Ago rroaa Mxtm 60 Minimum 28 rlnd Max Mln Pre W 70 34 -- W 69 55 -- E 55 38 tr E 47 3O .O3 E 40 24 -- E 35 36 .04 N 40 25 .05 ........ 1.92 "-v ....... 1,44 pcldy o'cat 1,1 o'cast 12 Pcldy 13 o'cast Streamfhv is forecast to be near the high volumes recorded in 1965 and 1967. This, however, Aflending Little White House meet in Lewistown Fifteen youth and two adults are atending  1970 Central Montan Little Wldte Hot, so Con- rence on Childve and Youth in Lewistown. Thi, s conference wil,1 he held today and tomorrow at the Yog,o Inn. The fteen sudents inchtde Dabble Amdor, Barb Hledlk. Larry Bellew, Bria Hoiland, Ben Graves, Connie Janich, Donna Fawcett, Mick Picchkmi, Steve lfister, Jerry Wickland, Sid Rogers(m, Larry Vicars, and Diane Bianchi. Mrs Ruth Amdor and Mrs Colleen Marking are the adul attend:rag. Crucial d.ssues affecting children and youth will be explored and alution,s sought. Participants will .be invdted to discuss and offer solutions to the existing prob- lems. The key resomce person will be Dr. Catherine Rchards. Chief e Youth Division. Offi of Child Development, Hea.lth. F_,dcat!on and Wetfare, of Washington, D.C. Th.e Lions lb hs donated the $I regi,staion fee for all *.he high school students. The Rotary Club donated $3 for each student for the rentaming meals. This gesre is greatly appreciated. Deadline April 23 for filing for county_ offices With 4fire deadne or filing for county and ste office coming .nca, actio on some co,tmty offices .should step up. No one hs ied for several of the county offices  yet. The offices with no candidates as yet are County Attorney, Pblic AdmiRistrator two Justice of Peace and Con- stables ,r both east and west bownldps. The dea&l:me or fil.ig is next Thursday, April 23. The same date and time, 5 p.m. is also *.he final date to register to vote he primary election. If you did ,not vote in the last general elec- tion and have no t re,registered, you must register or you ca .Rnot vte. You may register at the office of the County Clerk & Reoorder. Tlere have been a few fll,ings for precinct commRtee-- men and covnmitteemmsm. These will be llStl in ext week's Reeord-TrRame. ON HONOR ROLL Monta Institute of e Bible. Billings, recently released tlw first ,semester Jrades, naming )ae Her*t add Wenda /klbight amng those on the Honor List 'Both tttdeots were 1969 Roundup .High Seho0 dmd. will canse streams 'o leave their baks. All three reservoirs along the M@selshell are now Roving watex. As of April 1 there has been a 5000 .ace foot increase in Desdmaa's asin over the March 1 figure. Late season irrigation supplies should be above average. Mansfield files for fourth Senate term Senator Mike Mansfield HELENA -- Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield paid the $425 fee Moday that l)us him offici,ally to contention for a fourth six-year term in the U.S. Senate. The state,s senior senator who turned 67 last March 16. is op-- lsed in the Deqnocratic primary by John Lawlo, 31, Havre ranch- or. The former University of Mon- tan, a teacher was irst elected to Congress in 1942. He served five terms in the House and was elect. ed a 'senator in 1952. Manet*fold  mailed his nominat- hag petiti Thatrsday from Wash- ington, D.C. It was received a.d filed Mendy in the offi of Secretary of State Frank Mur- ray. As yet, no lpubhcan ha,s filed, ,bye Harold E. "Id" Wallace, 37, Missoula ,sporth goods sales-- man, - ,anounced last December that 'he. to be a candidate for the CrOP amdnation. WOTM committee to nominate new officers The Non, itching Cmmnitce, Women of the Moose, will meet at the Moose Horae on Wedsday, April 29, ,at 7:30 p.m.  mere-- her wi, shing .t ,submit a name, tloir ow or of another, for con- era,tion of  commite, may so ,by getting a frm'from the Senior RVgent and .vniag the completed form in to ay morn--- her of the com., Committee mebers ,are Bruoe21a Hatm, Phoebe Graham, Myra Solberg, Mabel Press, De- lores Rogers, Kath1en Long, Joyce Bckey, Kelee Bowdre, Versaly Boin. Gladys Ferguon, Gertrude Carlson, Marie Carlson. ,nn lmzick and. A@nes Neshekn. ROUNDUP, MONTANA, THURSDAY, APRIL 16, 1970 Dogmaster to be htred to enforce dog ordinance The City Council this week took steps .to hire a Dagrna,ster to en- force the city ordinance which reqfires that al dogs .'be licensed and dog owners must have a certificate showing rabies ,shots hve been adminislered to the ,dog within the last 3 years. All licenses not obtained before April 1, 1970 will be subject to a $3.00 penalty after that. date. The courtcil warned that all dogs not having icen,se will be picke ,tk by the Dogmaster and im- pounded. The council also took action :to .provide that du,ring the m)nths of Novenber thr@ugh Alril he water meters will be ready every other month and estimated for the alternate month. This action ws taken to save the man hours ,f meter reading as is bei.,g done by other tilities. The Water Committee of, the council ha,s been. assigne3 the task ,of reviewin major wat-r ma'm for proposed "Lmprovements to up-grade the ,system. The tuiling Committe was assigned to review, con,struetion projects and those ".rafter houses apt havin applied for city build-. ing permits. Funk named on Buick Council Four Minnesota dealers, two frn North Dakota and oe each from South ,Dakota and Montana have been elected to two-year terms on the 18--an Minneapolis Iuick Zone Dealer Council, it was announced by Lyle F. Carpenter, Buick zone manager. Pul Fnk of Muselshe]t Valley Equipment Co. was the Montana dealer to serve on the council. They were elected by fellow dealers to partipate ".th Buick Motor Divi,sion repre,.ntatives in the continuing, year-round pro- gram designed to fster close co- operation i matters of mutual interest on both wholesale and retail levels. Spring planting fieldwork is now underway Fieldwork ks getticg underway in all areas of the State, with th . lowest progress i northeastern Montana. Sonm ,seeding is under- way in scattered areas throuh- out the State. Progress is slower th.a normal as the sprig warm- up has bee low. , Adequate soil moisture is re-- ,ported in the northwestern and southcen, tral districts. All other ,districts axe reporting shortages c available topsoil 0sttme. Sub- sol moislare is adeguate "m all ,a, rea except southeastern Mon- tara. Dut bowl-like conditions are reported ,in north eastern Motnan. Wind damage to wev wheat has occurred in all areas ea,t of the Continental DivMe. IW'atter wheat condition is re- punted fair Statewide. Again he northwestern and outhcen,tral d i.stncts  reporting be*er con- ditiou an other areas. Poor cardigans are reported in nrth-- centra and ea*.en Montana. The crop is greening i all areas of the Sta, with some grov+h re- ported in the northwestern dis-- trier. Crop dormancy is reported in the northwest. Moi,sture is be- c ,ing more critical each day. remain dormant 111 m.os'. areas with only the northwes.ern 4is.trict indicating any significant range growth. Supplemental feed-- ing of li is above normal or this time of year s ra rsult of heavy se of W'mter ranges and slow reowth of grasses. Calving is 65 percent comp.ete and continuers to run slightly ahead of ntna].. Newboru calves are in good condition. Report o ,scours were received from the northwest, central and south- ttral dsriets. La,Trbing passed tim huh%ray mark State, wide last mssek  55 percent of the lambs born. Searing is 40 percent com- pleba Warm temperatures occurre] m Moll, ay  temperatm-es rose .nto the 7O's out the S,te but  mild weather eomtimled  Friday. Temp- eratures then fell to below normal levels during the weekend. Seatterred light showers ocourred during the ,cek. Snow dm-ing 9he weekend dvoppe 1/3 to one inch oecipitaton on the southcentral aaad sautheastern diviskm. LIVESTOCK LAWS Proclaims CleaM00:'oYPeY0000:ntMh Robbir, s has ,proclaimed Clean-Up lalth in the City of Roundup starting Wednesday, April 15 thru May 15. All citizens not only in the city, ltt in the surrounding ,area are urged to ,use .their own ,premises and cooperate in a general clean-vp of other areas. The Mayor said, "I rge every citizen to cooperate in I this rthwhile project to the l ,be,st of his ability. Let's ll help nake Roundup a bettrl place to live." Montana cattle numbers up M.nta,na ranchers have entere,rl 1970 with a record number of beef cattle. The April Mont, ana Stockgrow. e.r epers 1,589,000 beef cattle on ranges. This $igure shows' an in erae of 34,000 head of beef cattle over 1969. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that there were 112,330,000 of all types of cattle on U.S. fa,rms on January 1. 1970, an increase of 2,445,000 head over 1969. Beef cattle in the U.S. now umber 91,135,000, which means thez m'e ,nearly three times a,s many beef cow today as there are dairy cows. Montana ranks seventh in the nation in beef ,population, Texas yanks first co,lowed by Okla'homa. CaIKornit, reflecting the pros  ,suves of popuhtion on range ,and pasture land, ,has dropped 27,000 head. Ao dropping in beef pro- dcti are Illios, Nebraska, Wshington and Pennsylvania. Showing beef cattle increases are Okla,bm and Colorado. Police oud cases given by Judge Stoner The followhg cases were heard in A. J. Police Court for the month of March: Mrs Adolph parking in driveway $4; Craig Leonard Voigt, parking over 18 inches form curb, $4; Phil!ip Bender, 47, Roun4p, failure to top .and denffy sef ,after trik- ing nattende0 vehicle $20; W.&rren Shields, parking ha drive- way $4; Donakl Thoma,s Dunu, parking in driveway $4; Elizabeth Solomon'Majerus, 44, Rotmdup, stop sign violation, $20; M. Kley-- sttber, pa'king over 1 hmhes from the ctwb, $4; Elmer Met-- calla, parking over 18 inches from curb, $4; Terry William Komhol, 16, violation of the basic rule, $20; Dane Marie Bianchi, 17, violation of the basic rule $20; Getter Trcking, parking wrong side of road $4; Getter Tr, ucking parking wrong side of road $4; Sandra Radke, illegally parked to close to a.ley $4. Roma Charltan Minnie. 26. lait- y,re to yield right of way $20; John Turley parking over 18 inch- es rom curb $4; Larry Dennis Stersvad, 26, violatian of the basic rule $20; Hamilton Pontiac, parking in restricted 'area to fleer side walk crossing $4; Jane Allen, parking over ,18 inches from curb, $4: Jay Wesley Swanson, 13. volation of bhe basc rule. $20; Beja,m William Bowers, park- ing a,lmgide ,another vehicle parke at a curb $4; illiam I)wavd Blis Sr., parking on wrong side of road. $4; Trygve D:bik, perking in lane of traffic $,t; Betty Kna,p M, aris. parking in lane of Waffle $4; Paul Ed- ward Stout, perking along side of .another car parked at a curb $4; Peggy Oney Lobe, parking in Lane of affic $4; Rober Da] Hoeknmth, 24. driviag while liven,se suspended $50: lnald Dean Da,um 27. speedeng on Main Street $20; Philip Kozeliski. p ak- dng by another er arked at he ettyb, $4; Leo Hart, parking to close t o a cross walk $4: George MeClea,ry parkin in a @eay $4: Ag Kenvzka, 78 Iriv] o roadways la.ned for r,ffie $20. Democratic Women attend conference sheH Cmrity Democratic Womens de.ea.e aJteded ,b the Reetol Conference at th Youth Center ha Hanlowton, April Ill. fin mie of reatening eam., 1 County nd Golde Valley Ctmty were well represented a well as Wheat-- *h,nd. Musselte]| wa cited by the e preeidont, Mrs Lorene Twedt as havi the most suc- Cessful meabersh drive to date. Mr Frank Bouscleman of A new booklet o Livestock Laws Helena spoke on, the state govern- of n avable reliant reorganization studies, stat-, ranchers. ' , [in tlat aa aen, dmertt on the[ . The up-bdate book was corn-]ballot i November watfld permit[ ruled by "the Montana Livestock[ vitg the rmmber of tate[ Commit'ion  Helena. The co- ] aneies Srom 161 lus to 20 with- [ miion offers  beak for $3,25 1 t so much ms i personnel as [ whi iht/  miling charges, [ maability. Fifteen Cents Per Copy Reward of $10,000 is offered for solving clinic arson and explosive on Doctor's car The Reward Conunittee has settled on ,the ,sm of $10,000 to be paid to anyone giving iorm- ation leading to the aest and,ction f the person or pevso ns respens.ble for the ex-- p3sion and fire at the Davis Medical Clinic in September, 1968 and the placing of an explosiv .. device on Dr. Moylan's car in F.ebruary of this yea.r. Thee conmttee a,sked for pledg. es to ,rai,se money and mo of those p,lcdging volunteered during the first few days after the an- nuncement wa,s made of the formation of, the commit,tee. Many expressed a desire to show the,r interest i.n making their commun- ity a sailer place .to live. A total of 203 pledge card's turned in. The committee felt the re- spo,n,s,e wa,s am.azing, with pledges eming in frown not only Mu,ss'el-- shell Ce,u.nty people, but. Golden Valley, Feigns, Pe.relcum and Rosebud as wC1. Reward posiers are print- ed and will 'be posted in con- spicuous place a,ll through the area. Anyon,e having any i11fovm- atin of ny kind should contact She'riff Palm,or r County Attorney Roy Rodeghiero. Mr and Mrs Roger I.ach, Annie Vessel, William H. Bliss, Charles Kelly, R. E. Notton, Mrs Kombol, Sr., Clarence Lind,stra.d, Philip Kozeliski. George Griem- man, A. F. Kencke, Mr and Mrs Charles To.min, Jerome KoP0vicb, District Music Festival is in Billings On April 17 and 18 the district rnaie ,f,festival .will be held in Biings. Roundup High School students .performing instrumental Wm. H. Dawson, Loren P. Rech, O. L. Kirby. Mr and Mrs Win,. Melk, Florence D. Taylor, Mx and Mrs Bob Jorgenson, Mr and Mrs K. D. Natzel, Tom arid Peggy], Edgar K,na,pp, Jim Wilson, St., Sadie C. Holland, Mrs Will,am R, Mrs Sal,lie Rae, Mm David Williams, G,a,ry and Sheryl Grav- e,s, Carl Key, Devote Rux, Dwight and Eleanor HarmorL Theodore Javonovich, Mr anJ Mrs Cle0n &raves, Fred Rubin. Betty Latimer, Mr arid Mrs Tom Naylor, Mr ,an.d Mrs Larch Erbc, Mr and Mrs Clarence Evans, Robert W. Goffena, Luther G. Egge, Steve Biaachi, Mr and Tom Roe, John' E. Turlcy, J:, Mr and Mrs Gus W.igom, Ernie Finco, Dona,ld McSwayne. Mrs J. A. Liggett, James Lynch, Jack Jarrett, Jim Curlcc, Mr and Mrs Virgil G. Sehwend, Bert Person, Faye and Row Robert,s, Edith Cotton. Don Ream, Mr and Mrs Carl Eliasson, Mr BABY SITTING CINIC Where: Zion Lu,thera Ch.rch bas.ernent. When: /pril 20, 27 and 28 at 4 p.m. What: Inchded in the pro- gram will be Responsibilities of a S*.ter, intsructions on what ,to 40 in cse of fire nr medical emergency, first aid, how to answer telephmms and id-- ing the child's play. This tagram is sponsored by the Community Youth Actkra and Progressive Homemakers for all girIs interested in baby sitting. To register call 323-1240, Mrs Joe Holland. To host district meeting o.f Pythian Starers Justice Temple No. 28 Pythian solos wil be David Atwood, Gary Sisters of Rmmdtp will host the Lear. Rick Mikkelson, Troy I District 3 meeting' Saturday, Az'il Palmer .and John Sherpe; per-1,18, at the O&d Fellows Temple. form:tug vocal solos will be lDistrict 3 constants of Pythian Phyllis Lody and Frances Tru-[Texaples of Great Falls, Bel2, dean; entering for piano solos I Stanford a,rd Rondttp. are Debbie McCleary and usan  Registrati,on ill begin at 9:30 Stephnson. [a.m. At 10 a.m. business meet- Ensemble numbers "will be iing will convene. Luncheon wil preset.ted by the Chovalaires, Jan I'be served by MethodiSt Ch,urch Allen, Eileen Jellar, Charlene  Ladies a,t the Me.hodist Clmrch Buck. Jan Davis, Gloria Adtph, [ basement at 1 p.m. "The afternoon Terria Steen, Phyllis Lody, Franc- neeting will convene following es Rosina Mrphy, Berta ' luncheon with exemplification of Allen, Nancy Mangiantini and Laura Gildroy. A girl's ,trio, Jan Allen, Eileen Jelar and Resiwa Murphy will a]so sbng. The Roud.up High School lad .arid Chorus will present their festival eries on Saturday. Band director, Mr Des- Jarlais, and choral director, Mrs Yates, are in charge of the pre- sentations. Seniors going ,to High School Week at Bozeman April 23, 24 and 25 are Wayne Gildroy, Jenny Tully, Dn Picchoni aad Jane Eahs. Jtmiors attern, dirg a.r Ray-- mend Raths and Virginia Rathl. e ark. RODEO CLUB MEETS [ ,re ffth IL'IS Rodeo Club meeting was caled to order by Dale Pister, 1resident. Covres-- pon, dence frn other schools wa read, and vaem,bers were given ' entry blanks for the district rodeo which will be a,t Townsend again this year. The main order of bus- ires, was a dsenssio of money- making projects. A special et- Jng zs .set for April 13 when a r:oject will be decided on. MISS AES]LRN TONT:IN& COLLEGE . Jacquellne Glenney, a rod- i iant 19-year-old freshman from Roundup, was crowned "Miss restrn[ Montana College" in Dillon, SatUrday night, April 4, earning a near[ unanimous nod fr(m the judges for her performance in taiont| evening gown and swimsuit competition. \\; "J and Mrs Gordon Kuni, Kay and Henry Be4fm'<l, Joa 22tlly, J. K. Wood, Tom ,and inez Fergson, Jolmny Sherpe, St., A. M. Egge, Mrs Anna Miller. More names will be listed in next week's .paper. Those serving on the Rew?rd Committee were Colleen Mark- ing, Marga.ret Murphy, Joe tIoilaqd, Fl,rian Ralwin, Tom Ask and Andy Spranger. Good well is completed near Kelley Field Some porfion of enty are dotted with dry holes, but that doesn't mean a lot of oil may not still be found. This has been indicated aTew by the Resources Capital Tyler sand dis- covery two nd a half miles north- west of the Ketiey field. I swa,b,bed 597 ba,rvels of oil daily, then w.a,s put ,on pump and made 350 barrels the first d,ay. The .operators have indicated they will produce it at a rate af 240 barrels da,iy. It seem likel the 'dry" holes providl some in'teresting dope fr geologists. The wildcat being drill orth of the Devils Basin field by ,Ch,npli, the No. 1 ,Mdaik- oPoulos F, o, SW NE 26-- 11N-25E, /ms been given the P & A label. The corpany ,moved ovar and, hs started a well annatmt  ed last week fotr miles east of Big Wall field, the No. 1 Goffena on NW SW 24-10N-27E. Rotary t*ools were being me in by Investors Drfing Ventures miles west o he Ragged Paint field on NE NE ll-11N- 29E. Even if it is ,snowing ths week, it s that tizne of year to s'.art thinking about cleaning up the town. How bout same public spirited youth group cleaning .along h,e highays  ioming into town. We otice the oad rom the bovling aJley in to where it tttrns down Main Street is rall liered aleng She edges with beer cans and trash. Suppose the others are ju,st s bad.. Another thi,ng tbat is nmi-e ac,ticoable come '.sprirtg is the r, uarber of old ,cars sitting around on the streets and most without 1970 licenses too. We wouM think if they aren't going to. be licese and j,u,st ,sit with lat tires or no tires .a at1, they ,should l. towed. away 'somewhere out of sight, The problems af envonmenL ecology and ,pollution on one handl and attraction of "industry on the other is going to be something e are all gcd,ng to have to con- sider. Ths is gng to be br, oght home to Roundtp m a hurry ff that bentonite group decides to build their ,plant here. All one ,ha,s to do is take a trip down to V,ananda to see what is happeRng h,ere to nderstand why some peolle will ,not want that tY.oe of industry in the MusselsheU - Va41ey. The eomuity in which we lived in California had .two p/ants of this type located there ,and he last time we visited thi ve--time ower cpital of the worId, t wa,s Pretty:messy. Tlmre has been qte a lot of talk about the feedlots and esta, blisbment of more in the future. We think all thse problems can be resolved or eorapromised  SOme ea,se% it" people wil .sit down together and work out solutions in advance. , The Iawe Daily News hd this t 9 say on the subjctWe nd a tenaeey for two major seg- ments of the public to line up quarely aint each other, those adooa.,'. the advance- aent af ntry in Montana as expeditiously a ,possi,ble and "tho ealing or strtet environ- mental cttrols. They shatild be working more closely, armlyzing and w .krg together i a coop erative efrt to better living in om" ae. o Along the some ine. the Ort Trbare editorialized. "Somewhere aIong th line there is going to ,be a com'amise be- tween eonsorvation elements and i,rglus7 for the good of the State's future." One of mtr advertizers brought this in--ENUS: "Can't under- stand why you failed in ,btmhes." FRIEND: "Too much avertis- n. GENIUS: "Wbt do Fou mean--. too much advertising? You never pent a cent n your life on ad- vertising." FRIED.: 'aVs tree, bttt my competitors did."